•   Child Welfare Case Worker
•   Minister
•   College Counselor
•   Drug & Alcohol Counselor
•   Market Research Analyst
•   Parole Officer
•   Social Worker
•   Speech Pathologist
•   Vocational Counselor
•   Animal Behaviorist
•   Clinical Psychologist
•   Counseling Psychologist
•   College Professor
•   Licensed Psychologist
•   Mental Health Worker
•   Neuropsychologist
•   Psychologist
•   Researcher


Beth Blalock

Cheryl Butler

Lesli Deichman
Instructor—Psychology & Sociology

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How does NEO prepare me to get a degree in psychology?

“NEO can help by preparing a student in a nurturing environment for further study in the field of Psychology.  This is where you can have direct contact with instructors who have been, or who are currently, psychologists or therapists.  Our psychology classes are designed to prepare a psychology student to think critically--a necessary skill when dealing with people.  Our classes also stress the theories, ideas and practical knowledge that a student continuing on to a four-year college will need to continue his or her path to a graduate degree in Psychology.  Several of our classes allow the student to actually practice group therapy ideas and several classes also allow students to teach other students; skills necessary for an advanced degree in this field.  The hands-on training, small class size and caring, capable instructors make the experience of getting a degree in Psychology at NEO a solid stepping-stone for entry into a four-year institution.”

“NEO is a real community. There are tons of groups and activities to get involved in. The best part is the availability of the professors and tutoring. Any question, any extra help, is available on campus by teachers and tutors that want you to succeed. It’s been great. Every aspect of campus life feels like a team effort. Go NEO!”

Stephany Giles
Psychology Major 
“NEO really helped to prepare me for OU. I also met lots of great friends and professors there. I had so much fun with everything NEO offers.”

Tiffany Lennemann
2010 Graduate 
 “NEO not only educated me, but expanded my concept of who I could be.”

Jeremiah Ames
Psychology Major
2007 graduate