Full-time Employee                 Phone  Office             ID#                  Advises these Majors


Fine Arts Department

Jessica Stout                           6245    FA203                                      Art

Barbara George, Chair           6302    FA215             100-17-146      Speech, Theatre

Steve McCurley                      6196    FA217             100-28-403      Theatre, GenStudies

Maria Nichols, Costumer        6305    FA001             100-27-797      None

Adam Compton                      6280    CO113            100-71-760      Instrumental Music

Mary Susan Whaley                6987    CM103            100-02-113      Vocal Music


Social Science Department

Dr. Jeff Birdsong, Chair        6348    SH317             100-67-919      Pol Sci, Sec Ed

Dr. Hank Coiner                    6341    SH312            100-22-709      Pre-Law, History

TeNona Kuhn                       6363    SH207             100-38-518      Native Amer. Studies

Dr. David Loving                  6346    SH303             100-61-174      History, Gen Studies


Languages & Literature Department

Glenda Bachman                    6339    SH112             100-63-245      GenStudies, Elem Ed

Kathleen Chrismon                 6264    SH311             100-63-256      English, Elem Ed

Dr. Seonae Ha-Birdsong        6342    SH111             100-24-758      English, Gen Studies

Lisa Stovall, Reading Lab       6384    SH105             100-23-590      None

Keith Sutton                           6398    SH304             100-64-394      General Studies

Jamie Weaver                        6345    SH305             100-43-985      English, Gen Studies

Jan Williams, English Lab       6484    SH106             100-19-302      None


Behavioral Sciences Department

Beth Blalock                         6304    FA220             100-67-793      Sociology, Soc Work

Cheryl Butler                         6236    SH315             100-27-885      Psych, Gen Studies

Dr. Lesli Deichman                 -           GHEC            100-01-895      Psych & GHEC

Linda Davis, Scholars Coord  6309    DH206            101-53-922     Early Child Scholars

Troy Fugate                            6208    SH323            110-92-843      Criminal Justice

Ashlee Jackson                       6256    DH202            113-94-616      Early Childhood

TeNona Kuhn                        6363    SH207             100-38-518      Early Childhood


Message from the Dean regarding General Studies: 

With Gen Studies majors, I normally try to keep those advisor loads as balanced as possible.  I typically use English instructors for this purpose or other instructors who don't already have huge advisee loads.  I also like to use one of the student's instructors as an advisor whenever possible rather than throwing another new face at the new student.