First Semester (fall):

DRFT 1223, CAD & Design I (all students, regardless of any deficiencies)

PLAS 1114, General Plastics

DRFT 1122 & 1133, Industrial Drafting (should be taken together)

DRFT 1843, Descriptive Geometry (if student has completed or is also taking

MATH 0123 or MATH 1513; okay to take the same semester as DRFT 1223)

CS 2103

If a student has deficiencies to complete, be sure the student at least takes DRFT 1223 (CAD & Design I) and DRFT 1122 & 1123 (Industrial Drafting) during the first semester. If the student's schedule allows for only one class from the major, that class needs to be DRFT 1223. Encourage the student to make wise use of summer classes in order to get caught up.


Second Semester (spring):

DRFT 2214, Machine Drafting (uses same textbook as Industrial Drafting)

DRFT 2213 Pipe Drafting (pre-req: DRFT 1223)

PLAS 1213, Plastics Testing

DRFT 2223 CAD & Design II


Be aware that DRFT 1152 Blueprint Reading and DRFT 2233 Structural Drafting are only offered every other year.

  • Interior Design students can go through the DRFT program
  • ELEC 1103 no longer exists


Assign John Lomax as advisor and instruct students to visit with her as soon as possible.