1st Semester Enrollment Plan

2+ Prep Classes Needed


ENGL 0123 Basic Comp

CIED 0133 Reading

FYE 1011 and CLS 1021


FRCD 2103 Child Development

Less than 2 Prep Classes Needed

ENGL 1113 Comp I

FYE 1011


HIST 1483 or 1493 or ART 1803 History or Intro to Art

MATH 1513 or 2513 College Algebra or Math Structures

FRCD 2103 Child Development

FRCD 1113 Orientation to Child Care Services

Prep classes may be substituted for English, History, or Math

Advisors: TeNona Kuhn, Ashlee Jackson

Child Development Certificate of Mastery CHDV (1-year) Send to Linda Davis.