Pre-Engineering majors will need to start with College Algebra (MATH 1513). A student with other deficiencies, but a Math ACT > 25 can start with Calculus (MATH 2145).

There are several things to keep in mind when enrolling pre engineering students.

1. Math placement -

The student with an ACT > 22 can enroll in calculus I if they are comfortable in their algebra mastery. Trigonometry is listed as a pre requisite for calculus, but a good high school background in trig precludes having to repeat it here. If they have high math 19 <ACT<22 we will place them in college algebra or college algebra and trigonometry simultaneously if their trigonometry background is not really good. Occasionally we will have someone come to us with having had calculus I in high school and wants to enroll in calculus II. We would like to see those people at the departmental level so we can evaluate their background.

2. Chemistry –

No high school chemistry and ACT < 24 place them in CHEM 1215.

No high school chemistry and ACT >24 place them in CHEM 1314.

If they have one high school chemistry class and 19< ACT < 22 place into CHEM 1215 and ACT >22 place into CHEM 1314.

If they have two high school chemistry courses and ACT>20 place them into CHEM 1314. As you observe, there is a big difference between the principles of chemistry (CHEM 1215) and general chemistry (CHEM1314).

3. Physics –

They will need to take the physics 2015, which has a calculus I pre requisite. The better students will be able to handle both physics and calculus simultaneously, but this can be a killer.

4. Math, physics, and chemistry together –

It has been done, but usually it is a death warrant for the student's academic and social life. Given the choice, we will enroll them in calculus and chemistry, or calculus and physics (for the better students), but all three should not be attempted by mere mortals.

5. Chemistry, trigonometry, and calculus all have college algebra listed as a pre requisite. If the student has algebra I, algebra II, and math analysis and has the ACT score, we know they have already mastered the algebra, so it is ludicrous for us the make them take it again. You will have to call the Admissions office for an override since the SCT will not allow us to do it.

Advisor: Alan Batt or Jeff Aldridge

Randy Jones is comfortable advising students interested in chemical engineering