SCT Codes for Various Screens in SIS

003 All Addresses
010 Student Electronic Access
015 Next of Kin Addresses
101 Student Records Menu
102 Name Search (also 002)
103 Student Personal Data (address, birth date, etc)
105 Course Section Scan
107 Class List
109 Student Schedule
119 Term Report Flags (shows advisor)
120 Graphic Student Schedule
128 Course Inventory Scan
132 Section Faculty Assignments
136 Transcript Display
139 Registration Audit Trail
148 Holds & Comments
1G7 Grade Verification Process
1T2 Transcript Request Log
221 Test Score Display
2E5 Prospect/Preapp
504 Housing Application/Assignment
ADV Advisor Information Screen (Goes to U09)
AWS Academic Warning System
RG1 Enrollment Screen
SP1 Student Final Grades
SP3 Student Mid-term Grades
U09 Student Schedule (hit enter after ADV)

Some screens require a Term which is in the format YYT
Spring = 2
Summer = 4
Fall = 6
Example: Fall, 2006 would be 066.

Some screens require part or the entire course ID which is in the format (course ID, length 4; course #, length 4; course section length 3). It must be exact when entering entire ID, CS 1001B10 not CS1001B10.

Housing screens which are screens that begin with 5 require an assignment period which is currently 06Y.